Setting it up with steel and equipment

As written in an earlier post, customers working with Seither & Cherry Co. for industrial or commercial construction they don’t get someone who works on just part of the project – they get a team that takes it all on. From pouring the first bit of concrete to sealing the final vent, Seither & Cherry stays on-site to get the job done. This is part of a series of posts introducing various teams within Seither & Cherry Co.

When working with industrial or commercial clients, the teams at Seither & Cherry Co. often find themselves having to get creative when doing construction. With most construction projects, the frame of the building goes up first and the major equipment – with the exception of plumbing and other underground installations – go in next.

But what happens when the equipment is too big to fit through traditional building openings?

“Sometimes the equipment is so big you’re actually building the building around the equipment,” said Corby Hawkins of Seither & Cherry. “You have to plan how you’re going to put your steel up and where you’re going to set the equipment and how those two factors are going to coincide.”

In many situations customers hire two separate companies to construct the steel building and to set equipment, but not those who hire Seither & Cherry.

“We have the capacity to do both, which means we’re working simultaneously on two parts of the project,” Hawkins said. “If you’re doing it all you can schedule it all, and at the end of the day if you’re able to control the schedule for the entire project you’re building a better timeline for your customer.”