Seither & Cherry Co. History

149 Years of Commitment to Our Customers

Much has changed in the 149 years since Seither & Cherry Company first opened its doors in Keokuk in 1872, but one thing has remained constant: The company’s commitment to safety. Safety is priority one. “We want our employees to go home to their families happy and healthy.” said Corby Hawkins, who’s in charge of sales and marketing at Seither & Cherry Company.

Back in 1872, Seither & Cherry Company was a small company on Main Street in Keokuk, making coffee pots and boilers. Over the past 149 years, it has grown to become a leader in industrial construction. Its customer base has expanded from southeast Iowa to businesses throughout the United States.

“We’ve gone from working out of a small storefront to completing large-scale projects for industries in the Tri-States and beyond,” says Corby Hawkins, who’s in charge of sales and marketing at Seither & Cherry Company.

The available technology and equipment, along with the company’s labor force, have grown and expanded over time.

With all these changes, however, one thing has remained constant, Seither & Cherry Company’s unwavering commitment to customer service.

“Of all the things that have changed, and there are thousands, one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to customer service,” Hawkins says. “We have always been able to pinpoint our customers’ needs and accommodate those needs. We did that in the beginning and we do that now.”

For today’s customer, that means providing quality craftsmanship to successfully complete turn-key projects. Specialties include concrete, steel erection, mechanical/pipefitting, electrical, heavy rigging and equipment installation.

“We have a long history of strong relationships within the building trades, and that allows us to provide our customers with a productive and dependable labor force,” Hawkins says. “Because we’re able to work on virtually all aspects of a project, we are able to pass down cost-saving alternatives to traditional labor agreements involving general contractors and sub-contractors.”

Seither & Cherry Company will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2022.

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