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Doing It All

When Seither & Cherry Company takes on a job, they don’t take any chances with scheduling conflicts or the potential for miscommunication. That’s why when it comes to industrial construction projects, the Seither & Cherry team does it all.

“We have electricians, concrete workers, pipefitters, carpenters, iron workers, heavy equipment operators—we have it all,” says Corby Hawkins, who’s in charge of sales and marketing at Seither & Cherry Company.

“There are big advantages to our clients when they work with just one team,” Hawkins said, “the biggest of which are communication and accountability. We may have a team of two or three different trades working on one job. Each job is overseen by one of our Project Managers, that way the client has one person they will be communicating with and that same person is responsible for all of the trades on site. You don’t get into a lot of finger-pointing and blaming. It’s all on us.”

Hawkins said managing most or all of the necessary trades under one umbrella makes a project less stressful for the client. “The fact that Seither & Cherry Company employs all these trades is a true benefit for our customers,” he said.

It also means a happier ending for each client. “It gives our customers a faster timeframe for a project to reach completion and allows us to be more competitive, so we see it as a win-win,” he said.

Additionally, the company owns Tri-State Sheet Metal and McDowell Crane & Rigging, two companies that each provide their own specialized services under the Seither & Cherry umbrella.

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