Industrial Concrete in Keokuk, Iowa

Start with a leader in concrete

Seither & Cherry prides itself on being able to take on the big concrete jobs with the shortest timeframes.

“That’s what we specialize in, that’s what we do,” said Corby Hawkins, from Seither & Cherry. “That’s what sets us apart – we’re an industrial concrete contractor.”

While Seither & Cherry does specialize in large-pour concrete jobs, their expertise isn’t based on square footage. Sometimes the smaller areas need a team with skills in working around hazards or safety requirements.

“A lot of times we have two to three days to do a project that normally takes three to four weeks,” Hawkins said. “That’s not a big deal for us, that’s what we do on a regular basis.”

And because they are working with all parts of the build, they’re more easily able to hand off the baton to the next team without a stumble.

“If you’re already there doing the concrete then you already have one step into the next process,” Hawkins said. “We’re the one pouring the concrete and then we’re the one making sure it sets. We’re really putting the risk of the project deadline square on our own shoulders; the customers aren’t taking on the risk from the general contractor, they’re putting the risk back on us – we are the general contractor and we’re also every other team coming in.”

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